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BME is a global company of experts with profound knowledge and understanding of the logistics industry

Who are we

We are a Logistic Advisory driven by people around the world, chosen for their industry experience and network

In BME, we work alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve sustainable results. For us, sustainable results does not only mean a focus on environmental impact, but also that we make results that last

We believe that industry experience beats desk research, which is why we rely on our local industry experts for understanding logistics. This is what sets us apart from other consultancy firms you will work with. 

“We believe in connecting industry experts around the world, as we know that logistics is diverse and different from country to country”

What we do

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We collaborate and support your business model, helping you drive sustainable growth through a number of different activites

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Our BME Way method maps clients’ strengths and values for successful matchmaking. We offer comprehensive service for long-term business success beyond just deal-making


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Strategic partnerships boost growth by aligning values and goals. Our method and expertise match partners, develop a plan, and provide support for success

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Maximize success with expert help from our global network. We provide tailored support and challenge your strategy for a robust business plan

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Investors bring more value through competence and network. Our strong investor network matches businesses for success in LogTech and Logistics. We help both sides

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BME is passionate about LogTech’s potential for a cleaner future. Our advisory covers strategy, network, funding, and exits for startups to scale-up companies, adding industry insight to digital models

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The BME way

5 cornerstone insights to create a valuable impact and ensure a result-driven collaboration

A data driven and internally proved method used to analyse businesses and opportunities. Developed by BME based on experience

“The method focuses on 5 key areas in any business”

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Financial figures are analyzed to understand a company’s financial performance and growth potential. This includes revenue, expenses, profits and other key metrics to identify trends and patterns

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The analysis of supply chain and logistics processes identifies cost savings and improvement areas. Focus on specific products and geographies leads to a more efficient supply chain

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Human capital

The organization’s structure and overall success provides insights into its culture, development, and leadership. We assess the organization’s culture, including values, beliefs, and practices, to ensure alignment with its goals and strategies or for potential mergers and partnerships



The company’s environmental impact and future sustainability is assessed. Incorporating eco-friendly practices leads to reduced impact and improved reputation

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The company’s digital systems are evaluated for functionality, scalability and compatibility with operations. The company’s readiness for emerging technology and adherence to industry trends is assessed to maintain competitiveness

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Our collaborators are chosen for their tehcnical know-how and industry experience. We support, challenge, and root for one another. Together we deliver success you

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We are not all talk, we also write

We believe that industry experience beats desk research, here you can learn more on what some of our partners think about the industry

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